Spencer Parke| SCAD Student
  1. Crow
  2. Elswyn
  3. Glemnir
  4. Divided Tribes
    Divided Tribes
  5. Scourge
  6. Back Alley
    Back Alley
  7. Sigma
  8. Ingram, the Graverobber
    Ingram, the Graverobber
  9. Spider Drone
    Spider Drone
  10. Star Syndicate
    Star Syndicate
  11. Star Syndicate
    Star Syndicate
  12. Star Syndicate
    Star Syndicate
  13. Star Syndicate
    Star Syndicate
  14. Cemetery Snapshot
    Cemetery Snapshot
  15. Cemetery Assets
    Cemetery Assets
  16. Gods of Ueman
    Gods of Ueman
  17. Sniper Corps
    Sniper Corps
  18. Assault Helicopter
    Assault Helicopter
  19. PLUR Concept Design
    PLUR Concept Design
  20. Wireframe & Texture Detail
    Wireframe & Texture Detail
  21. Interior Comparison
    Interior Comparison
  22. Car Comparison
    Car Comparison
  23. Car Wireframe
    Car Wireframe
  24. Airmech Bomber
    Airmech Bomber
  25. Chief Design for Gods of Ueman
    Chief Design for Gods of Ueman
  26. Building Comparison
    Building Comparison